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Software Testing


have talented team of software test engineers are ready to test your projects and make it bug free workable solutions. We provide our clients with a full range of software testing services like, Our team engineers begin with collecting requirements and functioning with you till the project reaches yourend users a perfect product in the shortest possible time. We try eliminate all our customers problems by providing the workable solutions. Testing plays an important role to maintain the quality of the software. Major releases should always be beta tested by customers or end used and if this is not done, then chances are high that the end user will find problems working with the application. We ensure and guaranteed that the software has been tested as thoroughly as possible within the time constraints of the project.

Hardware Testing


have talented team of hardware test engineers will ensure that every component of the hardware is operating as it should, and that the system is performing exactly in accordance with the customer requirements. Our engineers will do functional tests to determine whether the hardware gets and returns the necessary data and ensure it passes the functional test criteria. Our test engineers will conduct tests with lot of realtime data in both Laboratory conditions and in a variety of Real Life conditions and continue the tests over an extended period of time, to ensure hardware can perform consistantly.

Client quotes

“Thanks for the bug free software that helps us to reach our customers without any fear. Definitely we will work together again in my new project.”― ACTENRA Client
“I want to thank you for all of your great effort and it went above and beyond our expectation. Thanks to your team.”― ACTENRA Client